The Kernes are First Aid Level 1 certified

This past weekend Warrick and I completed a First Aid Level 1 course with Neil Kelham from First on Scene.

Although it meant we had to give up our weekend, the skills we learnt from this course are invaluable. Both of us agreed that before we head off on this #Joburg2Kili expedition it is vital that we know what we should or shouldn’t do if we have any medical related emergencies along the way. I almost wish we had done this course years ago as there were so many things we have been doing wrong for years in terms of basic first aid. We hope that we do not have to use any of the new skills we have learnt such as CPR, the Heimlich manoeuvre, bandaging broken bones etc but it is really empowering to know that we could help in a medical emergency situation.

There are a lot of First Aid courses out there but we really do feel we chose one of the good ones. I would definitely recommend Neil Kelham from First on Scene who is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. He really makes the information relatable to all the attendees in the class and there is a lot of practical application done during the course. Click here for further details on First on Scene.