The Really Interesting Food Company (TRIFCO) is a specialist artisanal food company supplying the most discerning of consumer with authentic food products and ingredients. Our products are sold to contemporary chefs and specialist food stores as well as directly through the website to end customers.

Sponsored Product: Greenwheat Freekeh:

Freekeh (pronounced “free-ka”) is a versatile superfood packed with nutrition and health benefits. It is produced by harvesting grains while still soft, young and green, then roasting and drying. The process captures the grains at a state of peak taste and nutrition.

Freekeh brings a large portion of health benefits to the table, making it an excellent product for endurance athletes.

  • Low carb”, Resistant starch plus high in fiber (up to 16.5% fiber). Available carbs are about 45/100 units
  • Greatly improves bowel health. Proven to help with general bowel health and IBS
  • Very high in fiber. More than four times the fiber content of brown rice
  • Good prebiotic effect.
  • Low Glycemic Index with excellent insulin response (excellent for diabetics). Wholegrain Freekeh GI = 43, Cracked Grain Freekeh GI = 55
  • Low fat content.
  • Freekeh is rich in Zeaxanthin and Lutein.
  • High in protein.

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