ICE ID (In case of emergency identification) supplies a wide range of medial alert bracelets to help you in case you’re in an emergency.

Accidents can happen anywhere, at anytime, so its best to be prepared. You may want the paramedics to know that you are a diabetic, have allergies or that have you on a private medical aid. This vital information could save your life. The ICE ID speaks for you when you can speak for yourself.

On the Joburg2Kili expedition we’ll be riding our Qhubeka Buffalo bicycles along national highways through Africa and while we’re taking every precaution to keep safe we really feel at ease with our medical details being so visible on our wrists. Each of our team member have their own personalized ICE ID.

There are so many fascinating stories of people who have been saved because of the info on their ICE ID. While this is sometimes an after-the-fact type of purchase we recommend that everyone gets one proactively. Whether you’re cycling through Africa, on your normal cycle route or even just playing golf – never know what could happen.

Check out the ICE ID website to browse through their interesting and stylish options. Click here: