The Joburg2Kili Team Daily Menu So Far

Before taking on this expedition we all had many discussions around what we are going to eat to keep us all energised for 10 weeks cycling from Johannesburg to Moshi. To date we have all definitely not gone hungry on this trip and seem to be handling the food situation relatively well.

Here is a summary of our daily menu so far:


  • TriBeCa Coffee (an absolute must to start every morning)
  • Scrambled or Boiled eggs with mushrooms, tomato and onion mix and bread or tortillas
  • OR Cereal with milk and bananas

Lunch/During Rides

  • 2 sandwiches each with peanut butter and honey or jam (eaten whilst riding)
  • 3 or 4 Racefoods (Mixture of Farbar and Fastbars)
  • 1 boiled egg each on the longer rides
  • Sliced oranges


  • Our first four nights in South Africa we were all very grateful to Cam’s mom who prepared us four different stew type dishes which we complemented with wholesome and nutritious Freekeh every night
  • Since then we have had a few braai’s (steaks, boerewors and chicken with a starch such as sweet potato or freekeh) as well as pastas (with tuna, mushrooms, peppers and pasta sauce)
  • Pudding – Braaied Marshmallows with Marie biscuits


  • After a long ride the cyclists have often had the “munchies” and so the snacks of choice of been peanuts and raisins, chips and dried mango

To keep our water clean and drinkable we have been using Sawyer filters which are really easy to use. We are finding we are needing to drink loads more water the further north we ride as it is getting hotter with temperatures going over 30 degrees. We are currently going through at least 5 liters of water per rider a day.